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Bare Bones Kit (INCLUDES ONLY the Pulleys for the classic 4:1 system)
Our Price: $124.99

The Slackline Brothers 4:1 Bare Bones kit is the most affordable kit we offer. Well known as the classic "beat to death" pulley system.
Perfect for anyone who has outgrown their first slackline. Easily rig lines up to 300 feet.

**NEW** 5:1 BIG Bones KIT!~
Our Price: $149.99

The Big Bones kit does not come with a rope or a VCP pulley, it is just the blocks. The Big Bones kit includes ONLY a Big Brother Pulley with a brake, and a Big Brother Pulley without a brake. There is a picture of the 5:1 set put together with a rope, and with pulley imbedded. There are many ways to imbed a pulleys, the one shown is just one example; we encourage you to try your own techniques! That is the BIG difference between the BARE bones, and the BIG bones... the Big Bones kit allows you to have the ability to imbed your own single pulley because both blocks hand an eyelet (as you can see in the picture.)

Weight- ~2.8lbs
B.S. ~45Kn
W.L.L. ~15kn (With 11.1mm, or 7/16" static rope)